You are 70% more likely to reach a goal if you have the support of a coach

Health coaching involves evidenced based techniques, strategies and interventions to effectively and safely support clients in positive behavior change.   

A health coach is a supportive mentor or health advocate who helps you reach optimal health and wellness. They focus on health promotion strategies to enhance your overall well being. 

Health coaches understand the emotional, physical, spiritual, behavioral and nutritional needs of optimal health, and factors the importance of all of those into helping you reach overall health and happiness.  

As a health coach, I work with you to change your mindset and behaviors that may lead to emotional or physical distress.

Together we can overcome obstacles and easily transition to positive lifestyle changes that will empower and energize you to live your best life. 

* Health Coaching is NOT a “lose weight quick” approach or “eat less-exercise more” paradigm. 

I do NOT focus on restriction.

Instead, I focus on lifestyle and mindset changes, nutrition specific for your needs, and techniques you will enjoy, rather than dread.  So that your transition will bring you happiness while leading to better mental and physical health outcomes.

Services can be billed to most insurance carriers and are tax deductible

Discovery Session: 

This is a FREE 20 minute appointment to determine if you are ready to take control of your health, and if I am the support you need to help you reach success.




One on One Coaching Session 

 We will determine your greatest obstacles, create realistic goals, and practice techniques to make small steps towards a life of happiness and health. This could involve the use of nutritional counselling, movement recommendations, meditation, detoxification practices, sleep protocols, etc.

Why it works? Because I offer solutions, support and accountability. 


Group Coaching Session: 

Joining a specific coaching program for your needs will provide you with set protocols that you can follow independently with as much or as little support from me and others with your same concerns. You are encouraged to join the group for feedback, accountability and to enjoy a loving community with the same challenges. You never have to be alone in this!

(no insurance receipts can be offered for this, but cost savings apply)