What does the Mind Body Mouth Personal Coaching program cover?

There are 3 foundational pillars which make up my core philosophy to creating a healthy lifestyle without struggle or overwhelm.

Heal Your Mind
In this step you’ll learn to feed and heal your mind. This is by far the most important aspect of permanently reaching your goals. From breakthrough goal setting and  gratitude practices to specialized sleep routines and stress relief techniques, you’ll make simple lifestyle changes that will have lasting results. Get ready to start feeling energized and living your very best.

Your Mind Body Mouth Blueprint will include:
   – “Reach for the Top” Goal setting template and Mind Map
   –  “Sleep Sanctuary” Document
   –  Gratitude training and the How To’s

Heal Your Body
In this step, you will feed and heal your body by increasing your metabolic functioning and improving your mood, cognitive function and cellular health through movement, nutrition and detoxification protocols. 

Your Mind Body Mouth Blueprint will include:
   – “Mind Your Mouth” Food journal

   – “Nourish” dietary cheat sheet for optimal health

   – Videos of Exercise and movement recommendations

   – Tips for reducing chemical exposure
   –  Essential oils for whole body health

Heal Your Mouth
In this step you will feed and heal your mouth. This is a little play on words because it not only involves oral health care, but it involves the negative self talk that comes out of your mouth!  Learn what your oral health says about your overall health and how to change the way you talk to yourself. 

The mind Body Mouth blueprint will include:
   – Activity/Practice of “How to stop negative self talk”
   – How to stop comparing yourself to others and find joy
   – Oral health techniques and acid erosion guide