Myofunctional Therapy ALONE has been scientifically shown to reduce sleep apnea AHI events by

50% in Adults & 62% in Children

CPAP is the gold standard, and I do not recommend stopping use. However, it does lose efficacy with time and Cpap compliance is not good:

At 6 months- 50%  of people are still compliant, and at 5years- the compliance drops to only 17%

Myofunctional therapy helps improve compliance as it improves comfort and efficiency. 

Snoring and mouth breathing 

are the first symptoms of a sleep disordered breathing issue, and should not be ignored!

Sometimes these are the root causes, and sometimes they are a piece of the puzzle to resolving health issues that impact our quality of life, such as:

* Mood disorders  (Stress, Anxiety, Impulsivity)

* Weight loss challenges (Obesity, yo-yo dieting) 

* Hormone imbalances (Infertility, Thyroid disorders)

* Gum disease and Cavities (Dry mouth, sensitive teeth)

* Fatigue (Insomnia, restless sleep, night time bathroom breaks)

Chronic disease (Diabetes, High blood sugar, Alzheimer’s Disease)

* Relationship Issues (effecting your partners sleep and mood)


Myofunctional therapy may directly or indirectly support you on your path to recovery, health and happiness!






Should I be concerned about my child?

If your child experiences any of the following:

* Snoring, mouth breathing

* Lips parted or mouth open at rest

* Asthma, allergies, requires tonsillectomy

* ADHD diagnosis or symptoms

* Bed wetting past ~5 years old

* Crowded teeth

* Any of the symptoms from the tongue tie category

Then, there is a good chance that your child has a form of sleep disordered breathing, even if a sleep apnea is not diagnosed. 

Myofunctional therapy helps to correct the poor facial postures and functions that lead to the symptoms above.

By improving your child’s function at a young age, you are helping to prevent serious health challenges as an adult, and making it because poor habits are not yet formed and engrained, the therapy is easier and shorter in duration.