I am 70 years old, I am too old for this! 

Well….. if you only plan to live until your 71, than you’re right. But, if you want to enjoy your golden years, would you not want to look, feel, think and perform better until you die?

 He thinks so!

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My Doctor, ENT, Dentist, etc. says this does not add any benefit?

I’m sorry, but science is always changing and there are more than 400 studies on myofunctional therapy, tongue tie release, airway and sleep dentistry. Your providers should be questioning their current process

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How can I lose
weight through myofunctionmal therapy?

By improving your
oxygen, sleep and stress, you can lose weight by changing nothing else!!!!!
It’s no longer about eat less, exercise more.

I help you balance
your hormones so you don’t crave sugar, so you are better able to digest your
food and get the nutrients you need, and build the feel good hormones that
interfere with your willpower. 

We are living in a
world who is overfed and undernourished.


My sleep study says I do not have apnea

I actually don’t care what the AHI says about apnea, there are other important aspects of the study, as well as your signs/symptoms that would say another story. Upper airway resistance is the early stage that will progress over time if not addressed.


The problem with these results- is that a diagnosis of Mild and moderate cases reduce peoples perception of their issue, Because there is not a prescription or a disease yet, it doesn’t seem like its a problem. Consider this though- You would not tell someone the are mildly pregnant or have a mild cancer…. you do or you don’t. Myofunctional therapy comes in to help you avoid the very harmful effects that would otherwise be inevitable if you did nothing with your results. Look, Feel, Think & Perform Better by living optimally, instead of slowly getting sicker and more tired. (or divorced because your partner cannot sleep through your snoring)


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My orthodontist says I don’t need this.

Get a second opinion. Or a third. Despite their great results, if you need braces, you most likely DO need myofunctional therapy, they just have not considered it. 

Ever hear of relapse? or wires for life to hold the teeth in their new position? (because the root cause was not addressed- fix the functional issue with myo while you undergo ortho)


You also do not have to wait until all the adult teeth are in. You can begin to expand the jaw and make room as the teeth come in. This also opens the airway and can help improve your childs mood and ability to learn.

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I don’t want to get a tongue a release. Will myofunctional therapy still help?


Myofunctional therapy is the most natural, least invasive way to get improvement. If we can get your tongue working properly and balanced, not everyone will even need the release. Many people live symptom free, and do not know they have a tie.  

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Chronic pain because your tongue is connected to your toe

I was told my child will grow out of a tongue tie.

Your body will learn how to compensate for the restriction, but it does not mean that doesn’t come at a cost. They could get lucky and live pain free and symptom free. Or, more likely end up with some form of the symptoms above. Depending how they breathe and compensate.

Therapy with me involves correcting the function and then learning the form, so you are more likely to retain the benefits.

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My child is in speech therapy, I don’t need this!

Yes, you do. Speech language pathologists who understand myofunctional therapy will actually prefer you to have this completed first. It sets the stage for speech, as by the time you seek their support, your muscles and structures are already working harmoniously. You are more likely to get success, and less likely to learn sounds and swallow without compensatory movements that could be problematic in the future. If they say oral-motor function doesn’t matter…. how can that be if they are trying to teach you how to use your tongue for sounds? Thats an oral motor function.

If your child is struggling with their speech therapy…. this is likely the reason why its so hard for them.

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