Creating strong self worth is the foundation for a happy life and positive future!

Because my negative body image and self worth stemmed in my teenage years, I offer support for teenagers during the most difficult time of their life.

High school is a stressful time, and teenagers are experiencing more anxiety than ever before.

Teenagers need an outlet to talk about their feelings, and learn that they are not alone when it comes to the emotions they experience around friends, family and school.

I offer workshops to help reduce anxiety, cope with stress, learn about self love and nutrition, and create the ability to thrive through high school.

Whether you read Imperfect or I’mperfect… you are right!
We are all perfectly imperfect.

IMPERFECT will one day be a non-profit section of my program where I offer FREE coaching sessions to teenagers in need.

Embrace your uniqueness

We all have attributes that one person could find endearing while another could find annoying. Some people are more attracted to brown hair than blonde, shy personality than outgoing, or an athletic vs. fragile frame. But regardless of the finite details, someone who cares for themselves and looks healthy is a;ways attractive.

Health is attractive, regardless of the individual traits you carry. 

The little things under your control are the most attractive characteristics of all..


While completing my coaching certification program, I embraced upon a roller coaster journey of “aha” moments of pain, guilt, anger, love and happiness. I actually completely changed the direction I was in when I started this certification.  Until recently, I suffered from low self esteem, lacking community or connection and experiencing feelings of inadequacy (some of which still arise on occasion). But what I have learned, is that ALL emotions are real and ok, and that having the means and support to cope with these emotions are imperative to success.

Since many people do not have the means to access support, I want to help young women find peace with their current situations so they do not become limiting beliefs for their future happiness.