No ONE person will know exactly what YOU need to improve your overall health……

But….. toogether, WE will help you live optimally!

 Mind Body Mouth was created because we are not just a brain or a heart or a mouth. 

We are unique machines, functioning in unique ways, by unique communication of nutrients and energy between cells, bacteria and viruses. 

* Just like mental and physical health is essential for leading a healthy and happy life, our oral health is an integral part of that equation.  

  * We KNOW that poor oral health is associated with inflammatory conditions such as heart attacks, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, pneumonia & diabetes.

  * Mind Body Mouth exists because since my graduation over 10 years ago, the collaboration and communication between health care professionals is still lacking. AND I was ready to make that connection.

                We NEED to take a holistic approach to healthcare so we can start living optimally.

We are not LIVING longer......We are DYING longer.

Here are some practitioners that play integral roles in our overall health:

Dental Hygienist

By reducing the inflammation in your mouth, you can reduce your bodies overall risk to inflammatory diseases. The mouth is the first part of digestion and the pathway to your entire body


 Tiffany Ludwicki RDH

Naturopathic Practitioner

By using alternative approaches to healthcare, you can alleviate issues through energy healing and natural modalities used throughout history.  Since we are all magnetic, work on health issues from a cellular level to metaphysical.

Earth Spirit Wellness


By using psychodynamic or behavior-oriented therapies, you can uncover unconscious processes or learned behaviours in order to alter your thought patterns and create better outcomes.


By learning appropriate body mechanics and applying functional movement, you can begin to increase your mobility and daily movement, which leads to better overall health.

Avalon Laser Therapy


By using theories based on ancient Chinese traditions, you can receive techniques that will not only reduce your stress, anxiety and depression, but will aid in reducing overall chronic issues.

Avalon Laser Therapy


By taking different dietary perspectives and learning about how food interacts with you on a mental and physical level, you will learn how to eat right for your body.


Conventional medicine is essential for acute and emergency care and is often necessary for maintaining certain medical conditions.


By repairing diseased enamel and oral infections, a dentist can eliminate pain, reduce risk for more serious dental issues and infections and improve the function and appearance of your mouth for better overall health.

Paradise Dental Clinic


The use of essential oils for medicinal purposes goes back thousands of years. Aromatherapy may lower stress and anxiety, improve sleep and promote relaxation by creating a sense of calm and well- being.

Avalon Laser Therapy