You took the necessary nutrients pre-pregnancy.

You have removed harsh chemicals from your home.

You eat healthy organic whole foods.

You breast feed.

You have a tooth brush ready at the first sign of tooth eruption.

You may even already have your doctor and dentist appointments scheduled.

This precious little thing is going to have the best of everything! You will keep her safe and prevent illness to the very best of your ability!

Of course you intend to do everything it takes to have a healthy thriving baby!


But, there is something; not so obvious, that while loving and caring for your baby, could negatively impact their health!


The risk for dental cavities and gum disease starts before we ever have teeth at all.

Our babies teeth are bones that start forming in the first trimester. So we need adequate nutrition. Your baby is then born (without teeth), but with a mouth free from cavity and gum disease causing bacteria. 

It is US, the loving parents who introduce the bad critters that lead to these unpleasant issues. 

From my dental hygiene background, I often heard (and accepted):

 “My mom had lots of cavities or lost her teeth at a young age, it’s genetic” or

“My teeth are soft, I am prone to cavities, and I just accept that”, 

But…. what if you and dental professional were wrong?????? 

Could you change the fate for the future generation?

We may have a predisposition for certain illnesses, but that doesn’t mean we are destined to express them (epigenetics). And oral health is no different. We can change the risk of having oral diseases as early as inception.

Since cavities and gum disease are multifactorial, meaning there are many factors leading to the unfortunate outcome. There are many things to consider. We already know we need to focus on food and cleaning. 

Many moms who breast feed are informed that breast milk should not cause cavities. And moms who bottle feed are told to wipe the mouth after and never send a baby to bed with a bottle of milk or juice. 

You now also know that the family has to have good oral hygiene habits. 

Despite doing your best, your baby or toddler gets cavities and you feel horrible, and are made to feel horrible.

Rest assured, it’s not your fault. You are doing great! and know- there is one other thing that most doctors, dentists and dental hygienists never talk about.

Mouth Breathing

 Has your allied health team considered your babies resting mouth posture? Ever asked if your baby makes noise when breathing? Snores? Has mouth open when they sleep? or examined for a Tongue Tie?

( Tongue ties are controversial and difficult to assess and treat, so if your baby has the symptoms that suggest this underlying factor to your babies declining oral health should be addressed.) Find someone to help you.

If you need support to address the root cause of your little ones challenges (before their facial growth and development are also affected), I would love to help you.