Are you Dehydrated?

We all hear that drinking more water is the key to 

Losing weight, Reducing headaches, Looking younger and Detoxing our bodies….. 

But really, Can it do all that?

Well, we are made up of approximately 60% water: 

Our brain and heart are composed of 73% water.

Our lungs of 83% water.

Our skin of 64% water, and

Our muscles and kidneys are made of 79% water.

Since our body is made of water, it makes sense that staying hydrated keeps the body functioning at its best!


“What is the importance of drinking more water?”

Without an adequate amount of water intake daily (2-3L/day) you are likely not providing yourself with enough to effectively carry out the natural processes water contributes to in the body. 

It is, however; important to consider your life and how you feel when trying to figure out what is the ideal amount for you!

After learning this, I decided to do a little experiment on myself….. I tend to do this on many modalities in order to fully understand them.  

So over the last year I have been trying to drink more water daily….. and how did I feel?


1. I noticed that I was not as hungry throughout the day.    

  2. My complexion was better and my skin felt smoother. 

3. My cellulite was less pronounced



1. I needed to use the rest room more frequently,    

  2. I was experiencing loose stools.

3. Easily irritated.

So, my little experiment actually back fired on me. Even though I noticed some benefit of drinking more water, there were actually physical side effects that were actually more detrimental to my overall health. And my benefits could have been obtained through better forms of intervention (such as eating more healthy fats or less refined slats).  

What, I thought more water was important? It is…….

Turns out that I was actually drinking enough water for my body’s needs prior to adding more!

By me adding more water, I was actually flushing out essential electrolytes, and I reduced acidity in my stomach which is needed for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients, 

Here are my take-aways, so you get the most out of your water consumption:


Enjoy water through a cold shower to really increase your preventative health practices!

It does get easier and enjoyable

Since we cannot live without water, nor be healthy without enough of it. I hope that you self explore and determine how much water you should be ingesting daily to feel your best. And that my experience finds you before you make some of the same mistakes I did.

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