Obesity is a disease.

Do you carry excess fat?

People with obesity not only have a weaker immunity, but they generally have a greater consumption of sugar, fermentable carbohydrates and acidic foods. 

This leads to inflammatory and cavity forming conditions in the mouth.

Heart Disease is the #1 killer?

Do your gums bleed?

Poor oral hygiene can increase your risk for heart disease because pathogenic bacteria in the mouth can travel through your gums and enter your blood stream. 

Plaque and bacteria hide out under your gums, if left undisturbed, they become more aggressive in strength and numbers.

Your unborn baby is at risk?

Are you pregnant?

Some bacteria present in the mouth of pregnant women have been associated with various types of pregnancy complications. 

You could be at risk of still birth, preterm delivery or miscarriage if you experience bad breath, cavities or bleeding gums.

You are at risk of tooth loss if you have diabetes?

It is not a cause for tooth loss, but people with poor glycemic control have increased risk for tooth loss. This is due to bi-directional association of diabetes with periodontal disease , making it difficult to control either, if not addressed together.

Oral cancer kills almost 25% of those diagnosed?

Heredity accounts for only 5-10% of cancers. Behaviour and environment can be a larger aspect to consider.

Do you engage in lifestyle factors that could be responsible for contributing?

*Smoking  *Alcohol  * Poor diet  *Unprotected sex  * 

Allergic reactions could be the reason for your puffy gums?

Do you brush, floss & rinse daily and still get bleeding or puffy gums?

The mouth is the fist part of your digestive tract and responsible for mechanical and enzymatic break down of food. 

If you have other digestive stress such as bloating, constipation or diarrhea, you could be having a systemic reaction!

Lack of sleep could lead to poor oral health?

Do you have sleep apnea? 

A poor nights sleep can reduce your inhibitions towards sweet foods, effect your glycemic control, result in acid reflux, obesity or depression.

All of these can have negative oral health implications and lead to overall health challenges or complications.

Periodontal disease can effect your mental health?

Depression can lead to the lack of motivation in good oral care practices, but since gum disease is inflammatory in nature, it can worsen ones depression.

Tooth loss can also cause nutritional deficiencies and decrease your socio-economic status, leading to poorer health and decreased self confidence. 

Osteoporosis can effect your jaw bone?

Periodontal disease is bone loss in the jaw from bacteria induced inflammation and/or possible osteoporosis. 

You could be at risk of tooth loss or increased jaw bone loss if you are deficient in nutrients that build bone/teeth or are taking certain drugs that are associated with this condition.

Schedule an appointment with a Dental Hygienist recommended by Mind Body Mouth

Because oral health goes beyond the mouth- your medical history, lifestyle, diet and physiology all play an integral role in your oral health. The dental hygiene treatment you receive is an important aspect of your overall health care prognosis…..and I want to ensure you get the holistic care you need! 

Most people do NOT even know they have a form of gum disease. It is often only discussed when it becomes uncontrollable in general dental practice, and a referral to a specialist is required. 
Do not wait until you need to reverse symptoms (the results are never as good). Start preventing now!