What you get from a holistic dental dental hygienist:

Intake Form:

Contact info                                                  Chief concern- reason for visit                                   Medical history

Family medical history                              Current Oral Health Protocols                                    Diet & Lifestyle

Consent forms:

To release information to other health care providers as required

For recommended hygiene services, but also includes risks for local anesthesia, inability to diagnose cavities and hard tissue disease, need for yearly dental exams,

To bill insurance

Dental hygiene exam which includes:

Head and Neck Cancer Screening                           Gum health description                            Tooth health description

        Bleeding levels                                                            Vital signs                                                 Visual plaque finder    

            Disease risk factor                                                 Intra-oral pictures                                                 Sleep test                 


Individualized Care: 

Treatment may involve but is not limited to:

* Scaling and root planing

* Polishing/ stain removal

* Cavity Prevention applications

* Desensitizing products or local anesthetic

* Education

* Product recommendations

Need a  
 Conact me!